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Immigration program EB-2 with National Interest Waiver

There are a number of ways that one may gain the right to a green card to enter and stay in the United States. Each of these options is worth exploring with an immigration attorney to ensure that all avenues have been successfully explored. One thing to bring up with said immigration lawyer when seeking a green card is the EB-2 program. 

People with Advanced Education

If you are a person who possesses an advanced degree in any number of academic fields, you might be highly valuable to the United States workforce. It is therefore understandable as to why the laws in the United States might benefit someone who has such a degree. The attributes the individual would bring to the table are such that they can be used in the workforce almost immediately. Usually all foreign professionals require sponsorship of the U.S. employer. National Interest Waiver is a legal program that waives the labor certification requirement for people who can demonstrate that their professional skills will benefit the country on the national level (beyond any single municipality). The U.S. government waives the job offer requirement for such people to make their road to the U.S. easier and more expeditious.


How To Qualify For Such A Program

There are two components of the petition. First, you must establish that you either


  • are a person with an Advanced Degrees, or
  • posses Exceptional Skills in science, arts, or business


Second part of the petition is a Request for a National Interest Waiver. Here your immigration attorney must prove why your skills will be in the national interests of the United States, and therefore, the job offer from a U.S. employer should not be required.


Showing that you have an advanced degree is a pretty straightforward way that allows your immigration attorney to push forward your green card application. The attorney can put to light all the hard work that you have put into your education and uses this as a significant point when creating a convincing argument for granting you the opportunity you desire to work in the United States.


Exceptional skills are a little more challenging to prove, but there are plenty of people who get into the country this way. These individuals might not have the advanced degree that some others have, but at the least, they can show that the skills they do possess are such that they would be a huge benefit to the country as a whole.


Finally, if you can prove that your allowance to work in the United States would contribute to the overall national interest of the country, then you may also find your ticket into the United States in this way. 


Other Things To Keep In Mind


Proving yourself in any of these categories requires an abundance of documentation. No one is just going to take your word for it that you are of significant benefit to the United States. Everyone will want to see proof that this is the case. There are a handful of ways that you can show that you are, in fact, valuable to the country, some of which include:


  • Membership in a professional association
  • A minimum of ten years of experience in your field
  • Official diploma or other paperwork proving you possess a particular degree of education

These are just a few examples of the things that you might be asked to provide to prove that you really are someone who should be granted a green card. Your immigration attorney will undoubtedly study all your achievements, personal circumstances and available evidence in greater detail and advise you on usefulness of the potentially obtainable evidence. National Interest Waivers are not granted lightly. Highly-qualified legal assistance is vitally important in this process.    

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