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Are you an individual looking to come or stay in the United States, but are unsure of what legal steps to take to make your dream a reality?

Or do you represent a foreign company willing to establish its business presence in the United States and transfer its executives to a new branch?

Or perhaps you act on behalf of a U.S.-based business enterprise that intends to bring foreign workers to the U.S.?

At Immigration Center of Ekaterina Mouratova PA, we provide personalized legal representation to help you in all aspects of U.S. immigration. As Immigration lawyer in Miami - New-York,We take the headache out of trying to navigate the incredibly complex legal system by having our highly trained lawyers do the heavy lifting for you.

We offer a massive variety of legal services including:

  • Walking you through the steps of every immigration program of interest;
  • Writing up comprehensive petitions, applications, motions, appeals and other legal documents;
  • Assisting you in obtaining required evidence;
  • Developing tightly constructed legal solutions for complex circumstances;
  • Helping you take full advantage of the available federal and state benefits;
  • Providing legal consulting and finding strategies that maximize efficiency and expedite the process;
  • Helping you to avoid costly mistakes and protecting you from the perils hidden in the details.

These aren’t the only solutions that we can help you with. After years of practicing immigration law, we can address every single matter that falls in this or relevant category. Having gone through the immigration process ourselves, we deeply understand the human implications of the legal matters.

Moreover, we provide a full range of adaptation services to help newcomers to settle in the U.S. without unduly delays or complications. Our trusted partners that can assist you in such areas as:

  • Opening a bank account, getting a U.S. driver’s license, finding the best English or professional schools, choosing an adequate medical insurance;
  • Finding a job in the United States;
  • Renting an apartment or office space;
  • Business planning and market analysis to ensure that your new enterprise starts on the solid ground and stays profitable;
  • Helping with talent attraction and staffing to provide your new business with a selection of top notch employees; and
  • Many other services that may be useful to our clients.

Contact us today at (305) 778-7198 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a consultation and case evaluation.

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