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Ambassadors, Diplomats, Officials, and Employees of Foreign Governments (A and G Visas)

A and G visas are issued to properly accredited individuals who hold official positions with a government or with international organizations. Holders of these two types of visas must possess an appropriate travel document or other evidence of intent to enter or intend to transit through the United States for the purposes of transacting official business on behalf of a government or international organization. The NATO visa also falls under this category of specialized visas.




A foreign official intending to come to the United States on behalf of their government, on a temporary basis, must obtain a proper V visa prior to their entry into the US. This is a requirement even if official travel is to occur within the 90-day time limit permitted for individuals who would otherwise be able to utilize the visa waiver program. The visa waiver program cannot be utilized for this purpose.


There are two classifications under this visa category: A1 and A2. The classification will depend on the intended purpose for entry into the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, a consideration of the individual's official title or rank as well as the type of passport that individual carries - diplomatic, official, or regular.


Local governmental officials who intend to enter the United states exclusively to represent a state, province, borough, or other local political entity do not qualify for the A visa. An immigration lawyer can assist with questions and issues surrounding an A visa.




  • A G visa is issued to diplomats, government officials, and employees of international organizations. There are four classifications of G visas:
  • A G1 visa is issued to representatives of governments recognized by the United States for the purposes of work within an international organization.
  • A G2 visa is similar to a G1 visa with the exception that it is issued with the intent to be in the United States on a temporary basis
  • A G3 visa is issued to representatives of governments not recognized by the United States or to representatives of governments not members of recognized international organizations.
  • Finally, a G4 visa is issued to individuals entering the United States for the purposes of taking appointment in a designated international organization. 


If an issue exists with regards to an A or G visa, a skilled immigration lawyer can provide invaluable legal assistance. 

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